Version: 10.7.262
Language: English
Price: Free (in app)
Developer: Bitstrips
Our Score: 98%
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And now… for something completely different. Bitmoji is an app that allows you to customize your own Emjoi Avatar and use it in different chat programs, messengers and social networks. It is currently available for various platforms such as Android, iOS and Google Chrome. You can easily download it to your platform, whether you use a laptop, windows machine or any other computer.

All about Bitmoji for PC, Bitmoji for Android or iOS

So, the deal is simple. If you want go use Bitmoji on any of the above platforms, you need to download it, and then enable the third-party keyboard that will allow you to actually integrate your special emojis into chats and and social networks. For Snapchat, specifically, you can enable Bitmoji and then you can use your customized avatar in any snap or chat.

Bitmoji Special Features

  • Create avatars, icons or emojis that resemble your appearance or your facial features
  • Choose from a huge selection of emojis and cartoons
  • Buy (optional) from a wide array of added theme packs
  • Use on Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp or even in text messages
  • Use the special Bitmoji keyboard


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